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TresAlly Announces Partnership with D-ID

Whitney Getty

Apr 26, 2023

TresAlly is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with D-ID, the leading provider of Generative AI technology. This collaboration will enable us to enhance our multimodal conversational AI platform, ALLY, by offering clients the option for a more intuitive and human-like experience through real-time conversation with a digital human, powered by a combination of D-ID’s technology and our own trained Large Language Models.

Our multimodal conversational AI, ALLY, is a revolutionary solution designed to empower HCM and L&D teams. With ALLY, you can streamline day-to-day activities and improve productivity through unparalleled engagement, while leveraging your organization’s internal data in a safe and secure manner, helping teams achieve their highest level of performance and success.

“Together, we are ushering in a new era of AI-driven innovation, allowing organizations to revolutionize the way they develop their talent, optimize their workforce strategies, and drive greater success,” said Morne Swart, CEO of TresAlly. “We believe that our partnership with D-ID will provide our clients with unparalleled value and competitive advantage, making it a significant step forward in the development of our foundational AI technology.”

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